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Natacha Paschal loves the limitless inspiration by glossy fashion magazines and advertisements and reinterprets them with exaggerated expressions, eyeshadows that could be also an eye ring or deformed teeth – surrounded by pink lips.

Her artworks provide a smart answer to mainstream culture and give us a humorous comment on the current society.

“I love exaggerating faces, postures, showing how ridiculous those situations can be and the representations of women’s bodies in our society,” the artist explains. “I’m not looking for traditional ideas of beauty, I like my characters to have bad teeth or awry faces. I’m not at all interested in the ‘well-made’”.

While her mum tried to convince her to turning into a feminist, she surely will be proud to see Natacha`s unique path of questioning bothering beauty standards with her bold and colourful works.

©The Art Gorgeous

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